Bhigwan Nature Tours Pune Mumbai
Bhigwan is a small dusty town about 110 kms south of Pune on Pune Solapur highway. Little ahead is another small village Kumbhargaon which hosts the migratory birds - Flamingos every year. Kumbhargaon is located on the banks of Ujani Backwater and thus is also a home to many other birds like Asian Open bill Stork, Moorhens, herons, ducks and painted storks. People have recorded up to 50 different types of birds.

Flamingos are long legged huge birds which are known for their migrations. A specie capable of flying across oceans, they have very strong wings. The colours of the bird range from greyish red plumage at time of hatching and light pink to bright red during adulthood. The food determines the colour of the bird also indicates the state of health.

Bhuleshwar is a Hindu temple of Shiva, situated around 45 kilometres from Pune and 10km from Pune Solapur highway from Yawat. The temple is situated on a hill and was built in the 13th century. The temple is unique as its architecture is Islamic from outside and appears more as a mosque than a temple due to its resemblance of circular tomb and minarets. The reason for this unique design is said to be done to protect the temple from being destroyed by invaders. There are classical carvings on the walls. It has been declared as a protected monument.

      Tour Type: Nature - Bird Watching

      Tour Duration: One Day

      Suitable for: Age 6 onwards

      Route: Pune Bhigwan Bhuleshwar

      Distance From Pune: 110 kms

      Regions: Bhigwan - Indapur

            6 Jan 2024 and 14 Jan 2024
    05:30 Reporting

    06:00 Departure

    08:15 Reach Bhigwan & Have Breakfast

    09:00 Go for Boating

    11:30 Boating gets over

    12:30 Lunch at Bhiwan

    13:30 Start journey towards Bhuleshwar

    14:30 Bhuleshwar temple exploration

    16:30 Departure towards Pune

    17:30 Tea break

    19:30 Arrive at Pune

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