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Outdoor Etiquettes

    • Do not carry or consume narcotic drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.
    • Show respect to nature and fellow Trekkers and cooperate with each other.
    • Follow “Leave No Trace” policy, never throw or leave anything en-route or at camp area.
    • Collect all waste in the garbage bag & bring it back.
    • Do not shout, spit around, sing or use transistors or music systems.
    • Do not collect any souvenirs such as plants or animal parts.
    • Never consume any medicine without prescription.
    • Never hide any health related problems.
    • Inform the group leader if you are allergic to anything or if you are sleepwalker or have phobias.
    • If lost, stay at the same spot and keep blowing the whistle at regular interval till the rescue party arrives.
    • Make cat-holes/pit to attend to nature call and cover it back with soil.
    • Reach the destination well before dark.
    • Be independent, carry your own backpack.
    • Wear full length trekking pants / track pants and Full sleeved T-Shirt along with cotton socks and good trekking shoes. Use a cap or a Hat.