Ankai Tankai Adventure Treks Pune Mumbai
Ankai Tankai are the twin forts situated some 8 kms away from the Manmad city in Nashik District. The forts are part of Chandwad Range. There are caves which house several carved mythological figures.

Although the forts are not too high, they have strong fortifications. The Fort of Ankai has several entrances. There is one more Hindu Cave on the way. It is believed that the forts were constructed during the era of Yadavas of Devigiri. The fort was an important station as it is based on trade route of Surat to Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar (Aurangabad in olden times). The Marathas ruled this fort from 1752 to 1818 AD. After 1818 AD British controlled the fort.

At the foot of the Tankai fort are old Buddhist caves accessible by a set of stairs. Magnificent wall sculptures, intricate carvings on the pillars and roof, a double cave featuring a gallery, and a temple within the cave are all worth exploring and are a photographer's dream come true. a massive cave beneath the peak that is currently an Ashram or Agatsya temple. A stunning view of the surrounds, Gorakshnath, Tankai Fort, Hadbi Chi Shendi, and the Chandvad range can be seen from the summit.

      Trek Type: Two Days - One Night

      Difficulty Level: Easy

      Endurance Level: Medium

      Route: Pune - Nashik Phata - Kopargaon - Yeola

      Distance From Pune: 280 kms

      Regions: Chandwad - Manmad

            13 Jan 2024             14 Jan 2024
    05:30 Reporting

    06:00 Departure

    08:30 Breakfast

    12:30 Lunch at base

    14:00 Explore Katara

    15:30 Kuda caves exploration

    16:30 Tea & Camp Set up

    17:30 Tea break near Vile

    20:00 Dinner

    21:00 Light out

    06:00 Wake up

    07:00 Breakfast at Sunrise

    08:00 Explore Ankai Tankai Forts

    13:00 Lunch

    14:00 Start return Journey

    16:30 Tea Break

    21:00 Arrive at Pune

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