Fireflies Trail - Bhorgiri

Fireflies Trail - Bhorgiri


Let the nature awe you with this phenomenon right before monsoons. The jungle will come to life when the tiny little self illuminated creatures will lighten up the dark forests. Yes it is the season when the fireflies will be flying around.

The glowing bugs are not actually the flies but are winged beetles. These insets mete during pre monsoon period and are available abundantly in wilderness during that time.

The bugs emit bioluminescent light they secrete a substance called Luciferin. This substance when comes in contact with oxygen produces a cold light with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. The light is emitted to attract metes during mating seasons. The mating does not happen or year around the conditions like humid air and warm temperatures are required. Thus pre monsoon are the most favorable time.

Zenith Odysseys plans to witness this extra ordinary event on 26th may 2018 and invites enthusiast to join.

** Photo Credit: Google, will differ in reality. The visibility of Fireflies is a natural phenomenon and there's no guarantee of density of fireflies.

                              Departure                               Arrival
        15:30 on 26 May 2018 at Rajaram Bridge Corner         12:30 on 27 May 2018 at Rajaram Bridge Corner

    Odyssey Type: One Night One Day

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Endurance Level: Medium

    Base Village: Bhorgiri

    Distance From Pune: 115 kms

    Region: Bhimashankar

      Saturday 26 May 2018       Sunday 27 May 2018
    15:30 Reporting

    16:00 Departure towards base village

    19:30 Arrival at base village & Dinner cooking

    20:00 Dinner

    21:00 Fire Flies Trail

    23:00 Rest

    05:30 Wakeup Call

    06:00 Explore Bhorgiri Fort

    07:30 Breakfast

    08:00 Start from Borgiri

    09:00 Explore Chaas Village

    10:00 Start from Chaas

    12:00 Arrive at Pune

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                        Compulsory                         Suggested
    1) Water 2 liters or more

    2) Good Rucksack with rain cover

    3) Personal Medicines if any

    4) ID Proof

    5) Bedding / sleeping bag + carrymat  

    1) Dry foods like: Chikki, Chocolates and cakes etc.

    2) Extra Pair of clothes & sleepers/ floaters

    3) Rain protection / wind cheater/ cap / scarf as per the weather.

    4) Hand Towel

    5) Sunscreen lotion / face wash

    6) Camera or Binoculars

Rs. 1350 per person

                        Inclusions                         Exclusions
      1) Travel by a private non AC bus.      

      2) Dinner, Midnight tea, Morning Tea & Breakfast      

      3) Adventure Experts & Leaders      

      4) First aid kit.     

      5) Safety & Tested Equipments      

      6) Government Service Tax      

      7) Personal Entry, Toll & Parking etc      

      1) Personal orders of Tea, coffee, Cold Drinks, Mineral Water,

          Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.     

      2) Personal expenditure of any kind.     

      3) Insurance Coverage.     

      4) Medical expenses other than “First aid”.     

      5) Any other charges not specifically mentioned in "Fee Includes"     

1) Fireflies Trail

2) Short & Sweet trek to Bhorgiri Fort

3) Visit to Heritage at Chaas Village

4) Stay in temple

5) Lots of Fun time.

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