Baneshwar Cycle Ride

Baneshwar Cycle ride Adventure Treks Pune Mumbai


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Zenith Odysseys announces its first cycle ride of 2018 to Baneshwar.

Baneshwar is a temple near Nasrapur on Pune Bangalore National Highway. As the name suggests, it’s the haven of lords of Ban – the jungles. The jungle houses few rare birds like crowned hornbills.

Departure Arrival
05:30 on 21 January 2018

at Rajaram Bridge Corner

16:00 on 21 January 2018

at Rajaram Bridge Corner

Ride Type: One Day

Difficulty Level: Medium

Endurance Level: Medium

Duration of Activity 8 Hours

Route Rajaram Bridge, Dhayari Flyover, Jambhulwadi Bridge, Nasrapur, Baneshwar,

Total Kms 75 kms

06:00 Reporting at Rajaram Bridge

06:30 Ride Begins

07:30 Breakfast Halt Near Jambhulwadi Bridge

09:00 Juice Break Baneshwar

10:30 Start the ride back 12:00 Buttermilk break Near Jambhulwadi Bridge

14:30 Ride will end post lunch at Rajaram Bridge

Step 1: Contact Call us on +91 9764384221 or +91 9028163088 for seat availability.

Step 2: Payment You have for options to pay us: (a) Online Transfer, (b) UPI, (c) PayTM, (d) Cheque.

Step 3: Fill the Enorllment Form Once transaction is complete, please fill the Enrollment form

Step 4: Confirmation You will receive communication (Email/ Text/ WhatsAPP) from us regarding your booking details and additional information regarding the trip.

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1) Water 2 liters or more in non disposable waterbottles

2) Good Rucksack with rain cover

3) Personal Medicines if any

4) ID Proof

1) Dry foods like: Chikki, Chocolates and cakes etc.

2) Hand Towel

3) Sunscreen lotion / face wash

4) Camera or Binoculars

Rs. 750 per person

Inclusions Exclusions
1) Food Costs

2) Professional Fees

3) Backup Vehicle support

4) Administrative expenses

5) First aid Support

1) Personal orders of Tea, coffee, Cold Drinks, Mineral Water,

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.

2) Personal expenditure of any kind.

3) Insurance Coverage.

4) Medical expenses other than “First aid”.

5) Any other charges not specifically mentioned in "Fee Includes"

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